Subway Surfers Tooth Injury

The subway surfer has neglected his dental hygiene lately. Now he must pay a visit to the dentist's cabinet to fix his teeth problems. A tooth injury gives him lots of trouble and pain. Dental plague, caries and stains are also on the menu. Restore the health and whiteness of his teeth using the specialized dentist tools. Clean the subway surfer's teeth brushing them with a brush and tooth paste. Treat the tooth injury. Pull out totally damaged teeth, placing new ones intead. Remove all plague and caries. The subway surfer needs a whitening treatment to get rid of stains and spots. Going to the dentist is no fun, but necessary if you don't brush your teeth on a daily basis. To make things better, you can always try a glitzy glam tooth tattoo. Which gem stone should the subway surfer decorate his teeth with? Have a fabulous time playing our brand new management game!