Social Media Phone
Gadgets are part of our lives whether we like and need them or not. Everybody has a smartphone, iPhone, iPod or tablet nowadays. Teenagers are the real gadget addicts and everybody wants to show off the latest updated versions or keep in trend with the newest fashion in accessories. Girls, if you want your phone to be the most fashionable gadget on the market, we have lots of amazing decorating ideas for you. Decorate your social media phone with the trendiest front and back covers, designs and gems. Start with the front part of your smartphone and select the prettiest frame color. Add a girly frame print like cute hearts, floral designs or geometric prints. Choose a new design for your touch screen as well. How about a fancy chic key chain toy as your personal signature? We have gorgeous designs for your back cover on top of which you can place glitzy glam gemstones and alphabet letters. Make your phone glitzy glam playing our brand new decorating game!