Sleeping Beauty Lip Care
Sleeping Beauty is about to be awaken from her long sleep by the handsome royal prince. Wicked fairy Maleficent did everything she could to prevent the prince from kissing beautiful princess Aurora. The face of Sleeping Beauty has been affected by the effects of aging. Zits, blackheads, beauty spots, eyebrow hair and cracked lips have invaded her previoulsy flawless skin complexion. The prince might chance his mind if he sees the princess looking like this. Make Disney Aurora beautiful again giving her a facial beauty treatment. Cleanse her skin removing all spots and blackheads. Wax her mustache and pluck the eyebrows. Take care of her wrinkles and moisten her lips. Apply an anti aging lip balm on the cracks, then use a hot red lipstick. Continue the make up with some volume mascara, foundation, blush and eye shadow. The fairytale story of princess Aurora will surely have a happy end now thanks to your amazing beautician skills. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game for girls!