Princess Royal Date

An ugly look spell was cast on this beautiful fairytale princess by an evil witch. The princess was on her way to a royal date with a handsome prince. The royal date will be ruined as she cannot show up in front of the prince with her new messy look. You, girls, are her only hope. Make the princess beautiful again so that she can get to her amazing love encounter. Fix her face, hair, make up and outfit. Clean up her hair and dress removing the tree leaves with pliers. Untangle her haircut using a brush and restore her gorgeous blonde curls. Her skin complexion is a total mess being covered in warts, spots and blackheads. Treat the facial imperfection with a facial beauty treatment. Mend the ragged gown using your sewing skills. The princess needs her make up redone. She will be back on her feet looking prettier than ever and the royal date will be a real success for sure. Have a great time playing our brand new management game!