Fashionista Daring Diva

If you wanna be a true fashionista, you must take good care of your look, ladies! Cindy is a daring fashionista diva who is not affraid to experiment with the latest dress up, make up, beauty and hair styling trends. She heard of a brand new facial beauty treatment rumored to do wonders for skin. She is at your beauty salon today to try it on her face. Pamper Cindy's skin complexion with cleansing foam, scrub, anti wrinkles cream, fruit based facial creams and masks. Apply the beauty cosmetics on her face following the treatment steps. Continue the fun with a make up session. Give the daring fashionista diva a fancy make up on vogue at the moment. The Brigitte Bardot make up is back in fashion and it can be worn both as a day and night makeup. How about a trip to the clothes shop next? Have a wonderful time playing our newest facial beauty game!