Extreme Makeover


Some are born with a natural beauty, others work hard to get it. An extreme makeover is the perfect solution for any girl who wants to look like a Hollywood celebrity. If you wanna go through an extreme makeover, have a glimpse of the whole process playing our brand new Extreme Makeover facial beauty game. A Hollywood diva has perfect white teeth, so you must pay a visit to the dentist first to have your teeth fixed and bleached. Next stop should be at a plastic surgery clinic where the plastic surgeon will advise you what body parts require nip tuck readjustments. Continue with a facial beauty treatment at the beauty salon and get an amazing celebrity actress manicure at the nails salon. Relax your body at the spa with an aromatherapy massage, followed by a trip to the hair salon. Last but not least, get a professional red carpet make up and have a fashion designer create your new fashion diva wardrobe. Elegant and feminine dresses should not miss from your fabulous celebrity closet. Have fun playing our hot new facial beauty game!