Ellie Prom Prep


Barbie and Ellie are going to the prom tonight. Barbie is busy having her hair done at the hair salon, so Ellie cannot rely on Barbie anymore for the facial beauty treatment. Take Barbie's place and help Ellie prepare for the prom. Make her skin flawless with an amazing facial treatment. The acne stop cream will dry and remove the red spots. The eye concealer will make the wrinkles disappear. The scrub and face cream will create a smooth and radiant skin effect. Don't forget the lip balm either before applying the lipstick! Move on to make up and give the cute fashionista a glittery glam smokey eyes make up. Ellie needs her hair done as well, not to mention she has no outfit to wear yet. Which prom dress should she put on, girls? That strapless pink gown is amazing and so is the hot red lace dress. How about the glam purple model or the classic little black dress design? Have a great time playing our brand new facial beauty game!