Cinderella's Punk Rock Look

Cinderella wants to be a punk rock fashion diva. She fancies this style greatly. She thinks it is super cool, sophisticated and fashionable to wear studs, spikes and chains. Give Cinderella a stunning punk rock look dressing her up, doing her hair and make up. Try sassy chic punk rock clothes and accessories on the Disney princess and design the hottest punk rock outfit. Check out that studded blue leather jacket, girls! Match it with a cute top and skirt or denim shorts. Add spiked cuffs, glam earrings and necklace to complete the attire. Continue Cinderella's Punk Rock Look makeover with make up and hair styling. Select a dazzling punk rock make up and use the appropriate make up kit tools to obtain it. Combine eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, primer, foundation and lipstick. Dye Cinderella's blonde hair in another shade of color like brown or red. Style up her hair in a hispter punk hairstyle. Do you like the new Cinderella look? Enjoy playing our hot new make up game for girls!