Cinderella Hair Salon

Cinderella is going to the ball tonight and so are her stepmother and stepsisters. Unfortunately for the Disney princess her fairy godmother is not there to transform her into the most beautiful ball princess. It is up to you, girls, to prep Cinderella for ball with hair, make up and outfit. Use professional hair salon tools and supplies to style up Cinderella's gorgeous hair. Start the awesome hair salon session washing your cute client's hair with special salon shampoo and conditioner. Prepare it for styling applying a hydrating mask and illuminating serum. What hairstyle should the Disney princess wear at the ball? Try loose curls, braided buns and sleek straight hairdos. Accessorize the it hairstyle with a stunning princess tiara or headband. Do Cinderella's make up and dress her up as well. Enjoy playing our fab new hairstyle game, ladies!