Barbie Wedding Hair And Makeup

Can you hear the bells ringing ladies? Barbie is getting married and she is so excited. She is going to have the wedding of her dreams and she's going to look perfect, because you and Ariel are going to make sure of that. Yes that's right, Barbie has asked Ariel to help her with the bridal look and you must help her. Play this fun new Barbie Wedding Hair And Makeup game to help Ariel create Barbie's makeup and hairdo. First, you and Ariel have to decide upon which bridal look to choose. Then you girls can start creating Barbie's makeup, white and brown eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara and cherry red lip glow. For the hairstyle you need to use the hair curler to create Barbie's perfect curls. Have fun playing this new Barbie Wedding Hair And Makeup game!