Barbie's Last Fling Before The Ring

Barbie, the great doll is getting married to Ken. The happy day is just around the corner and she wants to celebrate her last days as a free woman with her dear friends. Help her look cute and complete a nice quiz with her in Barbie's Last Fling Before The Ring game! The first step is to choose her party look for the bachelorette party. Try a glam look with a white shirt with gold writting and a nice dress with pink. She looks just like a doll, especially if you try a woderful braided hairstyle. In Barbie's Last Fling Before The Ring the next step is to take a picture with friends. Barbie loves the company of her dear friends, who are happy that she is getting married, so help her take a great selfie, that she can easily share. In Barbie's Last Fling Before The Ring game, the last step is to cmplete a quiz with the doll. The quiz is about Ken and his life and it is super fun and amazing. Have a great time with the doll in this new game called Barbie's Last Fling Before The Ring!