Barbie Minions Makeup

Girls, Barbie is a big fan of the minions. That is no surprise as I am sure you are a big fan as well. The minions are very cute and cheerful and an inspiration for all. The cute blonde doll has decided to get a nice look from the minions and wear a signature outfit and makeup inspired by them. Sounds great right? In that case, don't waste any time and begin the super fun game called Barbie Minions Makeup and help the lovely lady create a unique look. The dress up is first and you can choose a nice blue dress and yellow shirt. Add a pair of fun boots and a loose curls hairdo to the lovely look. In Barbie Minions Makeup another great idea is to pick a nice shade for the eyes, lips and cheeks in the makeup prep. There are many options such as blue and yellow eye shadow, red lipstick and a pink blush. Mix and match the colors for a fun result in the game called Barbie Minions Makeup!