Barbie Easter In Style

This Easter Barbie wants to celebrate in style! But she needs your help to get everything prepared! But first things first, you have to help her decide on a new cute outfit to wear. It's a tradition to wear new clothes during Easter, because it is a spring holiday and it represents everything starting fresh. You can pick an electric blue dress with delicate flower prints, a fitted pink dress or a casual one with stripes or you could mix and match lace tops and blazers with gorgeous skirts or jeans. Style her hair in a trendy look and accessorize with a flower tiara on her head, lovely jewelry and a pair of shoes. Now what's missing? Eater eggs of course!  And you know that Barbie likes to keep things modern at all times, so paint them in ombre, add cool prints and funny stickers. Now are fashionista is ready for one of her favorite holidays. Have an amazing time playing this game!