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Mega Anime Avatar Creator is a rinmaru game developed by _Flash. This is a cool HTML5 game ready to be played on both your desktop and on your mobile phone!

Play the Mega Anime Avatar Creator game by Rinmaru to give life to all the manga characters that only exist in your imagination! Are you looking for a unique, custom-made avatar for an online forum? Would you like to create an impressive manga version of yourself? If the answer is yes, don't miss out on this character creator challenge! What makes this game stand out is that you have hundreds of different options. Mix them in thousands of combinations! You can create a boy, a girl, a fairy, or even an alien by choosing elements from the six various categories. Can you believe that you can customize their features, hair, clothes, accessories, and background?

The creator begins with very in-depth genetics for your character. There is a nice, wide span of skin tones, as well as fantasy colors. Customize with anime noses, ears, blush and tears for creating expressions, lips, gorgeous anime eye shapes, eyebrows and facial hair. The game includes both male and female features which can be mixed and matched completely. The hairstyle menu lets you craft a truly unique avatar, mixing tops, bottoms, extras and ponytails. The selection is staggering! The clothing spans both modern, and historical as well as Asian items like kimonos and quipaos. Many of the tops come with a gender toggle so they can be worn by men and women, or just specify body type. You can layer tops with vests, collars, outerwear, accessories and scarves! The accessories section is incredible. There are wings, necklaces, glasses, earrings and even mega kawaii animal plushies! I think the chibi sheep are just the cutest ever, although the llama, kitten and bunny are also in the running. Separately from that, the avatar itself can have animal ears, perfect for making nekos. I see Sailor Moon's gems and the candy corn horns from Homestuck. How many of your favorite anime characters can you recreate on here? Now the handheld items. Wow, Rin has really spoiled us here. There is an entire "without item" section for making adorable poses. And then there is a plethora of cool stuff to hold, even light sabers! Complete your scene with a wide selection of backgrounds, many inspired by Japan. You could even use this to write your own manga comic! This game has been immensely popular ever since its release and it's been a joy to see Rin and Prince of Red Roses add themed updates.

How to play Mega Anime Avatar Creator?

  • Use your mouse to play this game. Left click to interact.

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  • Web browser (desktop and mobile).

This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices