Play Flappy Parrot With Create Words

Flappy Parrot With Create Words is a animals game developed by This is a cool HTML5 game ready to be played on both your desktop and on your mobile phone!

Surely you are familiar with the legendary Flappy Bird, the game where you control the flight of a cute bird by continuously tapping the screen. The goal in Flappy Bird is to fly the longest distance you can, and you achieve that by avoiding the incoming pipes that appear in your way. Flappy Parrot With Create Words used this simple premise but instead of tapping the screen to avoid the vertical pipes you have to collect the correct letters that are scattered in the air, so that you can create the word that is written in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This change adds an unexpected twist to the classic rules that you might be accustomed to, but it also makes things fresh. Having to constantly scan the screen for the correct letter, while also avoiding any letters that don't appear in the word you have to form keeps things as challenging as ever.

And while the rules have been slightly modified, the cute graphics is something that Flappy Parrot With Create Words has inherited from the aforementioned classic. And if you combine this with the happy music, restarting the game turns into a less annoying experience.

Play a fun reimagining of a classic game on when you try Flappy Parrot With Create Words.

How to play

Click on the screen if you are using a mouse or tap on it if you are on a mobile device, so that you collect the letters that are scattered around the screen. Be careful, you only have to collect the letters that are included in the word that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen, and also the coins.

How to play Flappy Parrot With Create Words?

  • Use your mouse to play this game. Left click to interact.

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  • Web browser (desktop and mobile).