Kissing Games

Love, love, love! All you need is love! That's how a kissing game starts. When love strikes, it doesn't matter if you're three or thirty years old, all you want to do is kiss. A kiss is the number one sign and proof of affection and couples all over the world share this amazing unique moment every day. Even celebrities love kissing their loved ones, even if they're being watched at all times.

The kissing games we've prepared for you take you to places you've only dreamt of. Love and romance can make us imagine all kinds of fairytale scenarios. If you dream of a first date at the seaside, watching a perfect sunrise, play our Sea kissing game or if you think a walk in the park is the perfect excuse for a kiss, we have the perfect kissing game for you too. You can be of great help to Victoria and David Beckham or to Angelina and Brad Pitt. They're having a lot of trouble sneaking a romantic kiss from those annoying paparazzi. Of course, kisses are different in different parts of the world. The Eskimos, for example, rub their noses when they kiss. Doesn't that sound like a cute, fun kissing game? Now let's talk about the most romantic kiss of them all: the one the groom and the bride share on their wedding day, just before they say those enchanting two words "I do". Love floats in the air, everybody is touched by the magic between the couple and you can see a tear in some of the guest's eyes. Would you play a kissing game like that?

I bet you would love joining our friends and playing exciting new kissing games every day. Love is contagious and cupid is just around the corner with his magical arrow. So let yourselves float on the arms of romance, ladies!