Celebrities Games

They shine brighter than the stars, the moon and the sun, enjoy the best clothes, restaurants, cars and houses and everybody knows who they are! There's nothing in the world they can't get! We're talking about celebrities. They're all over the place: on TV, at the cinema, in magazines, on line and now they star in celebrities games too.

There's nothing more fun than dressing them up, changing their hair dues, giving them makeovers none of them would ever try. Our celebrities games give you the chance to do just that. We have hundreds of actors and actresses that are waiting for you to have lots of fun together! Miley Cyrus and Kate Moss are ready to get inked, Taylor Swift and Ryan gosling are both looking for a new personal designer and I bet you're the one for the job. We've created some celebrities games where famous singers are stars. Rihanna, Zac Efron and Fergie are just a few of your favorite characters and they can't wait for you to join them in their makeovers. The celebrities games we've prepared for you aren't just about Justin Bieber's haircut or Lady Gaga's manicure design. We thought some of you might not be all that passionate about Hollywood stars so we created hundreds of celebrities games in which Barbie is the star. She's been with us, girls, ever since we were five and dressing her up is a game we've been playing for years.

Doesn't this sound like fun? Prove your skills by playing our celebrities games and the next stop for you will be Hollywood. The stars will fight over who gets you as their personal designer! You'll become one of them and maybe one of our future celebrities game will be about you! Have fun, girls!