Total Drama Twister Kiss

How about a game of twister with your friends? Two can play this fun game. The excitement is even greater when the two players are a girl and a boy in love with each other. Hang out with this rock band gang. The girl just challenged one of the boys to play twister. She has a big crush on the dude and the twister is perfect for getting a kiss from him. You are the only one who knows her secret. The guy playing the guitar on the sofa happens to be her boyfriend and he must not find out the truth, especially that she wants to break up with him. This total drama is like a soap opera. Will the rock teens kiss and become the new couple on the block or will they be caught in the act? Make their kissing moment last for as long as possible without being interrupted. Win the kissing contest or suffer the consequences. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new kissing game!