Tom and Angela Kissing

Talking Tom and his sweetheart Angela are very much in love. They can spend the whole day hugging and kissing not caring if anybody sees them. Tom has decided to surprise Angela with a balcony serenade just like in the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene. Perched on a cardboard box, he is about to show off his singing talent to his beloved Angela. The parrot is the only one threatening to spoil the moment. It is up to you not to let that happen. Give this love story a happy ending. Don't let the parrot ruin the singing and kissing scene. How long can Tom and Angela kiss without being interrupted? Break the kissing record making the cute kittens kiss until time runs out. Thus you complete the first level. The ensuing levels have lots of fabulous new challenges in store for you. Have a sensational time playing our newest kissing game!