Tina Swimming Pool Spa


Tina loves spending time at the swimming pool. The cold weather does not hold her back as there are lots of indoor pools she can go swimming. She just found out about this fabulous spa with gym, pool, fitness classes, beauty salon and sauna. It is the perfect place for Tina to enjoy a fabulous day. She plans on trying all services. Before hitting the swimming pool, she wants to make herself beautiful with a spa beauty treatment for face and body. Then she will show off her glowing skin dressed up in a fashionable swimsuit. A professionally done natural make up and hair styling will complete her fashion diva look. Last but not least, she will relax her body at a steam sauna. Prepare Tina for the most amazing day at the spa granting her all these wishes. Be her beautician and make up artist. Do her hair and dress her up in a girly outfit. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new spa game!