Thanksgiving Nail Design
All that work in the kitchen cooking the Thanksgiving food and the house clean up can really damage your manicure, girls! The color may vanish from the sides and the nails may break or splinter. You can't let your dinner guests see you like that. Make time for a visit to the nails salon before dinner time and get a gorgeous Thanksgiving nail design. Have your manicure done in a professional way, following all the nails salon steps. First place your hands in a bowl with scented water to moisten the skin and nails. Then apply a hand cream on the hands and massage them. Cut the nails with the clipper and polish them to get the desired shape. The nail polish colors in trend at them moment are hot red, purple, pink, orange, yellow and light green. These colors come in fancy Thanksgiving patterns as well. Pick the nail design you like the most and look beautiful while enjoying a fabulous dinner with your family. Have fun playing this brand new nails game!