Tessa The Uniform Tailor


Hey girls! Your skills are needed once again. Cute Tessa, the best tailor in town, has opened a great shop. Since school is starting soon, she has decided to create beautiful and fashionable uniforms in the game called Tessa The Uniform Tailor. She needs someone to manage her fab shop and make a profit by serving all the customers and creating quality products, which are the uniforms. Do you think you can help her with your great skills? In that case, don’t waste time and begin the game called Tessa The Uniform Tailor and use all your skills to create the fab garments. You need to choose the pattern of the fabric and then cut and sew the fabric according to the chosen design of the client. Be fast with these steps because you will have more customers waiting to be served and you don't want to disappoint. Enjoy Tessa The Uniform Tailor!