Tattoo Art Design
Tattoo art is getting more and more popular. Every day more and more teens, grown-ups and celebrities show up with a new tattoo art design on their various body parts. A tattoo can be applied to any part of the body, from arm, wrist, neck, tattoo lips and eyebrows to back, chest, waist or legs. Designing a tattoo is a true art and it starts with a scatch done by the tattoo artist representing what the clients wants, then the scatch is trasfered to the skin and the process of tattoo making begins. Depending on the size of the tattoo, a tattoo art design can take from a few hours to days and months. Have you ever wandered how tattoo artists make tattoos, ladies? This tattoo art design game shows you the steps used by professional tattoo artists in designing and making a body tattoo. And the good news is that you can practice the art of tattoo making yourselves, making lots of tattoo designs from beginning to end. Have fun playing Tattoo Art Design make up game!