Super Barbie Spa Day

Hey Ladies, Super Barbie has been very busy lately. She had to go on different missions of saving the world and she's been traveling to different parts of the world. Now that she successfully completed every mission, Super Barbie can take a break and relax. She deserves to get spoiled at the spa don't you think? This is why, in this fun Super Barbie Spa Day game you can help Barbie spend a wonderful day at the spa relaxing while you give her a complete makeover and a beauty treatment. So first let's give Super Barbie a facial beauty treatment. Because Barbie has been flying to different corners of the world, her skin has been exposed to the burning desert sun and the ice cold winter blizzards. This is why, in this Super Barbie Spa Day game you need to apply a milk and honey based face mask and a special mask made of yogurt and berries. You also have to give a nice shape to her eyebrows using the tweezers and when you are done with the facial treatment, help Barbie relax by giving her a back massage. Place hot stones on her back and a beauty mask to protect her skin.