Super Barbie Mask Designer

Hey girls! Do you know that Super Barbie loves masks? She uses them all the time in her amazing quests against evil and she would most deffinetly want to use them all the time. She needs a brand new mask and it's a good idea to help her design it with glitzy colors and fun shapes. Start the super fun game called Super Barbie Mask Designer and choose the best shapes and colors for the great heroine. Start by picking the shape of the mask and then cut it accordingly. Make sure it has fun designs all over it. Pick nice colors from the palette and apply them on the mask. For a great effect use particles of glitter. In Super Barbie Mask Designer you can also add some patterns and fun decorations all around the mask for a great effect and a fun new mask for the heroine. Make sure it looks great on her face and enjoy Super Barbie Mask Designer game!