Super Barbie Groom The Room

Super Barbie is a great girl, as I am sure you know by now. She is a great super girl, who loves to use her powers to do good for others. But when she has some free time, she likes to shop and clean her house. It's chore day and she needs some help to clean the room. Can you help the super girl? I am sure you will have a great time and she will appreciate your amazing help in the game called Super Barbie Groom The Room! A very good idea is to choose a great broom to clean the floor. Make sure there are no dust particles left. Next, pick up all the trash and place it in the garbage can. Make sure you collect all pieces of garbage. In Super Barbie Groom The Room you can now rearrange the furniture and clean the walls and windows. Make sure everything looks good and it's sparkly clean. Have a nice time playing Super Barbie Groom The Room!