Sunshine Burgers
Me and my family are having a fun afternoon barbecue in the backyard and you are welcome to join us. The smell of our super tasty sunshine burgers is well known by our neighbors who show up at the door the minute they feel it in the air. I invented this amazing sunshine burgers recipe which I want to share with you. Help me prepare the burger meat, mixing minced meat with pepper, beaten egg and basil. Dip each patty in flour, beaten eggs and crushed corn flakes for a crispy taste. Fry the patties on the barbecue or in a frying pan, them make the burgers. Add sliced tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup and mayonnaise to complete the cooking process. Cheese can be used as well if you want to eat a yummy crunchy cheeseburger instead. This great family dish tastes better than the restaurant fast food versions, so have an amazing time cooking our brand new recipe!