Strapless Dresses

Anna loves wearing strapless dresses. She wears these feminine and elegant fashion items on the street, at college, shopping at the mall and at parties of course. School is just a few weeks away and Anna wants to look spectacular on the first day of the new term dressed up in a gorgeous strapless dress. I bet she has given you a fantastic dress up idea for the first school day as well. Rummage in your wardrobe, girls, for a girly cute strapless gown and learn from fashionista Anna how to accessorize it with the perfect make up, hairstyle, shoes and studs. Check out her fabulous dresses and pick the one you like the most which she will wear on the school opening day. Complete the makeover with a trendy cute day make up and haircut. Add a pair of high heel shoes or sandals, stylish bag and glitzy glam jewelry. Have fun playing our brand new make up games for girls!