Spooky Nails Design


Sarah loves being in the center of attention. Wearing eccentric clothes, fancy make up and dazzling manicure are her ways of getting the desired attention. She is going to an extravagant Halloween themed party this weekend, so a visit to the nail salon is a must. Create a spooky fabulous nails design for Sarah using your manicurist skills and imagination. Use dark nail polish colors such as black, purple, navy blue, red, green or orange. A colorful Halloween style manicure is a fantastic nails design idea. Add prints, stickers or glam gem stones for a cooler effect. Start a new nail salon trend creating rebellious, original and eye catching nails designs that can be worn all year round, not just on the Halloween Day. Get to work and break a leg, girls! Check out Baby Barbie DIY Ombre Nails and Baby Barbie Beauty Pageant for more nails design ideas! Have fun!