Spectra Vondergeist Hidden Halloween


Girls, it's time for a new challenge! Are you excited about it? The cutest Monster High girl, Spectra Vondergeist, invites you to play with her. This Halloween season she has decided to play a prank on all the trick-or-treaters and she is sure it will be fun. Do you want to know what you will have to do? Start the new game called Spectra Vondergeist Hidden Halloween and follow the instructions. For the Halloween holiday, the Monster High girl has hidden pumpkins and scary objects around her yard and you need to find them all. In Spectra Vondergeist Hidden Halloween you can check the house, the girl, the trees, to find each item. Be fast as well, because there is a timer and she will be upset if you are slow for Halloween time. Enjoy the new Monster High challenge! have fun playing Spectra Vondergeist Hidden Halloween!