Sofia the First Nail Spa

Sofia the First is ready for her first nail spa experience. She looks forward to having her manicure done in a professional manner by you, girls! How awesome is that? Treat the royal cutie as a true princess should be treated, pampering her nails with a fabulous spa salon makeover. Begin with a hand massage applying a moisturizing cream which will hydrate her little hands. Place her hands in a bowl with scented water next. Cut and file the nails, remove cuticles and use a nail straightening lotion. Sofia has an impeccable manicure now and you can continue the nail spa treatment decorating her nails with lots of glittery cute designs. Sofia the First fancies a sparkly colorful look for her gorgeous nails. Do your best to grant her wish and come up with your own decorating ideas as well. Mix and match the fabulous nail polish colors, prints and gems in dozens of designs, one prettier than the other. Pink, purple, green, yellow or blue suit the adorable princess amazingly. Check out that bunny printed green design or the pink hearts on the blue background pattern. Have fun playing our hot new nails game!