Sofia the First Kissing

Sofia the First has a big crush on a handsome prince. She comes up with all sorts of creative methods to attract his attention. Everything happens in secret from sending him secret love letters to going on dates. Sofia and the prince are having their first date and nobody must find out about it. She has many things to tell to the prince in the hope he will nourish the same feelings. Kissing is a must even at a first date, so don't let the kissing moment be interrupted by anything or anybody. The wannabe royal couple has been spotted by a curious squirrel. The little creature is a royal spy and it can spread the rumour to the king and queen. Make sure that does not occur and create a fabulous date time for Sofia the First and the prince with lots of kissing and hugging. This kiss must be the most amazing one in the fairytale history and it is up to you to achieve that. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new kissing game!