Snow White Snapchat Diva

Ladies, Snow White wants to join in on social media. She wants to share a few funny photos on Snapchat, so help her now in this new game called Snow White Snapchat Diva and make sure her looks are flawless. A good idea is to start with the dress up. You can choose a funky curly hairstyle for the Disney princess and then match it with a gorgeous golden dress with knee high lenght. In Snow White Snapchat Diva game you can accessorize with a great purse and then move on to the second step. Take a photo and then add stickers, simley faces, and even hashtags, to make her picture stand out on the website. I am sure all hre fans will adore her look and details.  In Snow White Snapchat Diva you can try different filters for her face as well, such as blinking, bear face or even a butterfly tattoo. Enjoy this new and fun game called Snow White Snapchat Diva and create amazing looks for the princess!