Snow White Nails
Snow White has gorgeous nails but she has neglected her manicure lately. It is due to varied household chores like helping the dwarfs clean up the house or doing some gardening. The prince invited the lovely princess to a ball tonight so she must get ready. Can you take care of her damaged nails, girls? Give Snow white a fantastic nail salon manicure. Moisturize, hydrate, cut and file each finger nail. Choose a trendy nail shape and play with nail polish colors, prints, stickers and gems. Decorate Snow White's nails with a hot red nail polish color. How about pink, blue, orange or green? Combine colors with patterns or select a different nails design for each nail. Pick a cute apple print or a floral pattern. The Disney princess is very pleased with her new modern manicure and she cannot wait to show it to her charming prince. Enjoy playing our newest nails game!