Smelly Feet Makeover
Having smelly feet is terrible especially for a girl. What must be done in such a case. Jessica suffers from smelly feet and the doctor prescribed her a fantastic treatment which will get rid of her problem. She is eager to try it and she wants to share it with you, if something similar happens to you as well. First she must do her pedicure. Help her cut her toes with clippers, then remove all dirt underneath the nails. Fill up the bathtub with warm water and add lemon juice which will kill all bacteria causing the ugly smell. Mix the lemon juice with baking soda which eliminates odors and kills fungus. Place Jessica's feet in the water for a few minutes, then dry them and follow the rest of the doctor's treatment, at the end of which Jessica's legs will look ravishing and odor free. Finish her pedicure makeover decorating her toe nails with trendy chic nail polish colors and patterns. Have an amazing time playing our brand new nails game!