Sleeping Beauty Storyteller

I am sure you love princess Aurora as much as I do. She is the loveliest blonde princess, but her fate is a sad one. Evil Maleficent has cursed her and now you need to help her fulfill her great destiny by making the correct choices for her. Start the great game called Sleeping Beauty Storyteller and use all your skills to help her meet her prince and reverse the terrible curse from Maleficent. In this new and fab game you will need to choose different options for her. Tell her where to travel and what to do to make her destiny a reality. For this story to work you need to find the magical spindle in the house of the witch, but make sure Aurora is not caught. In Sleeping Beauty Storyteller you need to make sure she can call her prince if she runs in to trouble and he can come and save the day and they can live happily ever after. Have a wonderful time playing the game called Sleeping Beauty Storyteller!