Shopping with BFF

Ready to go shopping with your bff? The mall is the perfect place for a shopaholic spree. What will you buy this time? A new bag, diamond ring or maybe a pair of shoes? An elegant party dress or a trendy pajama can also be on the mall shopping list. Jessica's bff is dressed up for the shopping fun. Jessica does not know what to wear however. Prepare the pretty girl for a fab shopping spree with her bff doing her hair and make up first. Have her wear her curly locks of hair loose or in a bun. Give her a quick day make up using mascara, blush and lipstick. How about eye shadow or eyeliner? That chic owl printed blouse can be combined with skinny pants and high heel shoes or platform booties. Add a trendy hand bag, hat or scarf, earrings and necklace to complete the look. How about a dress to match her bff's fashionable outfit? Make the best dress up and make up choices playing our brand new make up game, girls! Enjoy!