Shelly's Face Painting Designs

Shelly and her bffs have found a great way to hang out. They plan on doing some face painting this afternoon drawing cute desings on each other's face. The girls must go shopping for the necessary items first. Accompany the bffs to the store and buy all items on Shelly's shopping list. Don't forget the glitter either! Choose your favorite face painting design. Draw it on the face connecting the dots and fill it up with paint colors using paint brushes. Spray sparkly dust in the end to give your art work a glitzy glam look. Which face painting design should Shelly try on? Pick one for each girl and get to work. These cute girls surely know how to have fun. Check out our fab new Baby Barbie Hobbies Face Painting game where baby Barbie has amazing designs to share with you. Have a blast playing our newest coloring game!