Science Class Potion

It is back to school and back to classes time, girls! Are you eager to meet your teachers and classmates after the long summer vacation? I bet you have a few fashion fabulous outfits prepared for the first school days to make an impression on the boys. Which is your favorite school subject which you missed the most during the summer break? This pretty school girl missed her science class and she cannot wait to get in the lab and make all sorts of science experiments. For now she wants to bring back to life a withered vase plant. The girl wants to be the new Frankenstein of plants and she must find a magic potion that will revive the plant. Or is it a flower? Help her make the science class potion selecting any four ingredients out of the many available. If it does not work from the first time, try again and again until you are successful. Have you found the right combination? Have a wonderful time playing our brand new management game!