Santa's Xmas Tricks

Santa Claus is getting ready for the XMas Eve. He spends the few hours left with his wife drinking a warm coffee to keep awake and going over the presents list again. No gift should be left behind so it is better to double check. The hard working elves have finished their gift wrapping job. Santa invited them to his house for a well deserved leisure time. Some keep themselves entertained reading a book, others playing games or with their favorite toys. Santa has a couple of XMas tricks down his sleeve to make his wife merry before departing in the wonderful adventure. Even though they have been married for many years, he never ceases to surprise her with hugs and kisses. How long will their good bye kiss last this year? Make this magic moment last for ever. You lose and must start all over again if any elf catches them kissing. Use your tricks to get to the final level and win the Christmas kissing challenge. Where is the mistletoe? Have a blast playing our hot new kissing game!