Romantic Hairstyles
Braided updos and pony tails are in fashion this season, ladies! They look elegant and sophisticated, being perfect for a prom or graduation party, wedding reception or clubbing night. Girls usually go to the hair salon to get such hairstyles, which are done by professional hair stylists. Here are three super romantic salon hairstyles which you can make at home! How cool is that, girls? This cute Barbie princess is going to her prom tonight and she fancies a romantic hairstyle to match her glittery pink princess dress and jewels. Learn how to make each hairdo first, then recommend her the one that best suits her outfit. Follow the hair styling arrows and use the hair styling tools to create the trendy hairdos. Brush, straightener, curling iron and lots of pins are the secret to a fabulous braided bun or side tail. Apply stylish hair accessories or a glam princess tiara at the end of your styling process. Have a fabulous time playing this brand new hairstyle game!