Ready For Recital

Girls, meet a very talented girl named Amy. She is a great girl with a talent for singing and she has a beautiful voice, like  no other. She has a recital tonight with a great audience and she needs to look good for her fans. Can you help her with a lovely makeover? Start the super fun game called Ready For Recital and begin with the facial session. Make a great mask and scrub and apply it on her face to clean it and make it flawless. Rinse the product with water and dry the face. The second step is a lovely hairdo creation with loose curls, which are sassy and trendy. In Ready For Recital choose a wonderful makeup with golden shades on the lids, a nice red lip color and a beautiful blush on the cheeks. Add mascara for bright eyes and then choose a great dress with sparkly details and a few fun jewelry pieces. Enjoy Ready For Recital!