Rapunzel Spa Day


Rapunzel likes to spoils herself with a spa session on monthly basis. It is like heaven on earth each time she visits the spa salon. Her body is pampered with body scrub and massages, facial beauty treatments and hair care cosmetics. No wonder Rapunzel's skin is always soft, flawless and silky. Rapunzel is ready for a new princess body spa. In Rapunzel Spa Day begin with a back scrub and massage using beauty products and massage sticks which will help her relax and recharge her batteries. Continue with the latest facial beauty treatment perfect for Rapunzel's skin complexion. Cleanse dead skin cells, hydrate and rejuvenate the face. in Rapunzel Spa Day the cute girl takes very good care of her hair as well. She cuts and dyes it regularly. Apply hair care masks and illuminating serum for a shiny and healthy effect. Have a fantastic time playing Rapunzel Spa Day game!