Rapunzel Room Cleaning


Rapunzel has lots of cleaning up to do after the awesome palace pets party she organized. She invited the other Disney princesses and their cute palace pets over for a tea party. The princesses had a great gossip girl time enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake, while their pets played around. The aftermath was a complete mess. Help Rapunzel clean up her place after the fun palace pets fiesta. Fix the furniture and restore fallen items to their right posture. Clean up the floor, dust, mop, broom and take out the trash. Fix the broken window pane and get rid of the spider webs. Arrange the flower vases, paintings and other decorative objects. Put the cushions back on the sofa and the books on the bookshelf. The living room looks clean and tidy now. Rapunzel needs your clean up skills in the kitchen and bathroom next. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new Rapunzel Room Cleaning management game! Also play Baby Barbie My Palace Pets!