Rapunzel Mommy Real Makeover


Rapunzel  is a mommy to a great girl. She want's to teach her daughter a few beauty tip and trick to look super cute and fab.  She will pamper her skin with lots of beauty products such as  lotions and facial masks. In the game called Rapunzel Mommy Real Makeover start the makeover with a hair care treatment. Give her gorgeous long hair a silky smooth look applying hydrating masks, styling creams, sprays and lotions. Try a hairstyle with pretty princess updo. In Rapunzel Mommy Real Makeover accessorize her new hair salon hairstyle with a dazzling gold and diamond princess tiara. Rapunzel wants to take advantage of all the products so after the beauty treatment and the hair styling session, next is a make up session. Enjoy this great new game  called Rapunzel Mommy Real Makeover!