Rapunzel Magic Tailor


Girls, the cute princess Rapunzel wants to be a great tailor. She has been practicing a lot and she loves to design and sew different outfits. Her workshop is a mess now and she will need your help. Start the game called Rapunzel Magic Tailor and help her clean up first. You will get a limited amount of time to find the following items: scissors, brush, measuring tape, flower and glue. Once you find them all, you can use the broom to clean the workshop and then check out Rapunzel’s new and fun design. When she creates a new dress in the game called Rapunzel Magic Tailor, she will first use the measuring tape to be able to cut the fabric precisely with the scissors. She will then use small needles to add some golden ribbon round the cleavage area. With some glue she will add feathers on the bottom of the skirt. Have fun playing Rapunzel Magic Tailor!