Rapunzel Eye Treatment


Rapunzel is having her annual eye exam. She wants to lead a healthy life, so regular visits to the doctor's cabinet are part of her lifestyle now. Today the cute Disney princess is patient at your vision eye clinic. Give Rapunzel an eye check up ticking all mandatory steps on the to do list. Apply eye drops first to clean up the eyes and prepare them for the examination. Continue with a short vision and color blind test. Perform a manual exam and computerized eye check up. All these tests will help you figure out the condition of Rapunzel's eyesight. Prescribe the proper eye treatment to fix the varied medical issues that might occur. Rapunzel's vision is a bit blurry and she needs glasses to wear from now on. Pick a trendy cute glass frame for the beautiful Disney princess making a frame selection. A pair of pink or black rimmed hipster glasses will look fabulous on her, don't you agree? Have a wonderful time play Rapunzel Eye Treatment management game!