Princess Mulan Shoe Design

Mulan is a wonderful princess. She wants to try a new and fun DIY project and she could use a few creative ideas. She got inspired by her dear princess friends to create a unique and modern pair of shoes like no other. Can you help her create such a nice pair? Don't waste any time and join the royal Disney girl in the game called Princess Mulan Shoe Design! The first step of the DIY project is to choose a nice shape for the shoes. Try flat shoes with a great shape and the apply the colors and patterns. Use a brush to apply a great green base color and then choose a nice design and pattern and apply it on top. In Princess Mulan Shoe Design you can further decorate with a wonderful bow or flower detail in the front of the shoe, which the princess will truly love. This unique design is amazing and your ideas were truly appreciated. Enjoy Princess Mulan Shoe Design!