Princess Hand Doctor

The hand doctor clinic is busy today. Most patients are princesses who want their hands to look flawless for the ballroom taking place tonight. Be the doctor on duty and fix the hand problems. Dryness, injuries, dirt, damanged nails and broken fingers are some of the medical issues you have to deal with. Select a princess at a time and begin the hand makeover. Clean up, disinfect and treat the hand cuts, wounds and blisters. Remove splinters and hair locks. Apply healing cream and bandages where needed. A moisturizing hand treatment will take care of the dried cracked skin. Continue the makeover with a manicure session. Take care of the messy nails using nail salon scissors, file and cuticles remover. Finish the manicure decorating the nails with girly chic nail polish colors and designs. Add glittery gorgeous princess rings and bracelets. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new nails game!