Pretty Pedicure Design 2

Hey, girls! I am at the nail salon waiting to have my pedicure done. I am super excited about the manicure I just got and I want my toes to look pretty as well. I have no idea what nail polish color to try this time. Can you give me some suggestions? What are the latest fashion trends in nails designs? Red is a fabulous color to wear, but I also fancy pink, purple and blue. Will yellow look pretty on my toes? How about a funky black design? Give me a sensational pedicure trying on lots of colors and prints. I will surely make an impression wearing a colorful pedicure, but it might be too much, so I don't know if I should go for it. Create lots of toe designs and accessorize them with chic gems, foot tattoos and ankle bracelets. My feet will look amazing after this nails sessions, especially if I put on my gorgeous new high heel sandals. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new nails game!